About us

Reston Hotel’s elegance and unparalleled services make the hotel the ideal choice for business men and women, family and friends looking to visit the Jounieh bay.  

Combining the modern look with a classic touch, Reston Hotel offers 83 wide rooms and spacious suites spread over 9 floors. The rooms’ homey feel and chic atmosphere creates the comfort our guests seek.

Offering a wide range of services to meet the guests’ leisure and business requests, Reston hotel includes two conference rooms, a reception and events area, an elegant and delicious restaurant, an outdoor seasonal pool, a gym space, free parking, room service option and many more.

The concept

What if the modern way of life requires for you to be constantly away from your home? Now you can feel at home and have easy access to all the facilities you may need from the luxury of your hotel. Home away from home and the office outside of the office, we aim to excel in answering all your needs through a luxurious and entertaining approach.